Innovent In the News
September 16, 2010 Factory Water Piping Available for Air Handling Units with Water Source Heat Pumps

Innovent now offers factory water piping on air handling units with water source heat pumps. This option includes inlet strainers, shut-off valves, balancing valves and head pressure control valves; all piped to a single header    
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 June 24, 2010 New Optional Desiccant Wheel Increases Dehumidification Capacity on LASER Packaged Units

A new desiccant wheel option provides additional dehumidification capacity on the Innovent LASER (Latent and Sensible Energy Reduction) packaged fresh air conditioning unit.
Primarily for use in dedicated outdoor air applications, the LASER unit includes single or dual air-to-air heat exchangers to dehumidify and reheat outside air before delivery to occupants. No new energy is required for reheat which allows dehumidification of hot, humid air; while meeting the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 90.1.
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