Frustrated with off-the-shelf, one-model-fits-all, air handling equipment? Then, welcome to Innovent. Our experienced engineering staff and sales representatives know that no two buildings are alike, and we’ll work closely with you to design a customized air handling system that will meet your project’s unique requirements and exceed your expectations. There’s no need to compromise on your vision or redesign mechanical room space when you work with Innovent. Our engineers and sales representatives are experts in product design, high-percentage outdoor air systems, packaged refrigeration, dehumidification, control systems, heat transfer and energy recovery. 

No matter how complex or challenging your project is, we can incorporate the ideal energy recovery device, provide optimized refrigeration components, and utilize efficient compressors and fans for a highly efficient customized unit. Our products deliver precise temperature and humidity control, assist in LEED accreditation and green building goals, and provide economical indoor air quality for buildings of all sizes and types.
Sufficient service access and robust, standard or enhanced casing construction options help properly maintained units last well over 30 years. An extensive variety of internal components address any space, performance, application or quality concerns you may have.