Innovent E-Series units recapture energy from air leaving the building and transfer it to fresh incoming air. Tempering incoming air through energy recovery minimizes operating costs by reducing equipment cooling and heating load requirements. These systems provide effective energy recovery in both heating and cooling seasons.


Innovent offers the industry’s most diverse portfolio of energy recovery options, including ultra-efficient enthalpy wheels, sensible or enthalpic flat plate heat exchangers, heat pipe and run-around coils. Whether your design driver is lowest first cost, lowest operating cost, or lowest maintenance cost, Innovent has the right energy recovery solution for you.   

  • Schools
  • Casinos
  • Labs
  • Industrial processes

Maximize energy transfer between separate air streams with tremendous design flexibility.

  • Multiple energy recovery options and flexible cabinet designs are available to ensure optimal energy recovery for your building
  • Units can include single or dual "wrap-around" energy recovery components to reduce the cooling load and provide free reheat, typically used in dedicated outside air systems