For spaces that need to be maintained at low humidities and tight tolerances beyond the capabilities of typical air handling equipment, count on Innovent’s D-Series units. These units deliver extra dry air to maintain spaces below 50% relative humidity, creating healthy and controlled environments for occupants in hospitals, clean rooms and research facilities.   

D-Series units also maintain controlled environments for preservation purposes such as museums, archive storage and ice rinks. Our non-patented approach provides design flexibility, allowing engineers to specify a nonproprietary system. Available options include direct or indirect fired gas, hot water, or steam heating; chilled water or DX cooling; custom packaged refrigeration; and integrated, factory-wired DDC controls, designed and built in-house, with single-point wiring for easy installation.


  • Ice rinks
  • Archive storage
  • Clinical and surgical rooms
  • Industrial processes
Using high temp, low temp, or passive regeneration desiccant technology.

  • Spaces can be maintained from 5% to 50% relative humidity using high temp, low temp, or passive regeneration methods for reactivation of the desiccant wheel
  • Non-proprietary approach lets consulting engineers select the best system based on the specific space needs and keep the project within budget requirements