Innovent’s P-Series products dehumidify indoor pool and waterpark spaces the natural way — using large amounts of outdoor air. Not only does this approach deliver swimmer and spectator comfort, it improves air quality and minimizes corrosion by removing greater amounts of chloramines from the space. The use of outdoor air as the primary form of dehumidification also dramatically reduces the annual hours where mechanical dehumidification is required, lowering the operating costs of the facility.

Natural dehumidification is done efficiently in the P-Series through the use of an all-aluminum, air-to-air, sensible heat exchanger. During most of the operating year, energy is transferred from the exhaust air to the outdoor air to reduce the heating requirements of the space.

All P-Series units are built for years of service in a corrosive environment with aluminum components, aluminum foam injected panels, and coated heating coils.


  • Competition pools
  • Indoor water parks
  • Recreational centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Therapy pools

Delivering high levels of outdoor air for healthier, more comfortable pool environments.

  • Naturally dehumidifies indoor spaces with 20%-50% outdoor air
  • Greatly reduces mechanical dehumidification loads
  • Improves air quality in the space by exhausting greater amounts of chloramines

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